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Smart Lighting = Smart Cities

by Made in Italy Lighting Export House

Through the use of products based on LED technology, Made in Italy Lighting Export House is committed to the development of smart cities, in which the most advanced technology is exploited to consume less energy, reduce pollution and improve quality of life for large numbers of people. Within this context, the decisions concerning what lighting to use play an essential role, and indeed LED technology today represents sustainable lighting. It in fact guarantees higher lighting quality, while allowing smart lighting management, in other words, providing lighting only where and when it is needed. In addition to their very low power consumption, LED light sources also stand out for their long lifespan, reaching up to 50,000 hours and thus brining considerable cost savings.

This is the basis for the concept of Smart Lighting that has already been adopted in many Italian cities and is spreading all over the world, involving street lighting that not only consumes 50% less energy, but also delivers a Wi-Fi signal over a 100 metre radius, provides video surveillance of the surrounding area, monitors traffic and movement of vehicles, records data on air pollution and optimises the efficiency of street lighting through remote control of the luminaires.

Lighting that is therefore an ally of local councils, support for new increasingly Smart Technologies, a single integrated network for more intelligent management of any local service that may be required today or in the future.

MADE IN ITALY Lighting Export House
 for Smart Cities, with its wide offer of LED luminaires, lights up town squares, bike lanes and footpaths, parks, tunnels, roads, streets and roundabouts.




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