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    Colour Illuminated WaterWorks Fountains
The basic element of the work is water, which is transformed and shaped so that it can express itself on all its forms.
This fact is only possible when the aesthetic aspect of a fountain is supported by a high-quality installation,
well designed and dimensioned. Easy maintenance, even tough a few modifications along the years might occur. 

The Colour Illuminated WaterWorks Fountains and relevant services are addressed either for Public and Private Institutions,
Town Halls, City Squares, Fun – Amusement & Leisure Parks, Tourist Villages, Private & Public Gardens, Private Villas & Residences,
Public & Private Schools, Special Events such as : Trade Shows, Congress Halls, Cultural Events, Sport & Religious Meetings. 
The installation can be fitted either on already existing tanks and basins and on newly built fountains.

Only First-Class Quality materials are used, such as: bronze, copper, brass and stainless-steel to guarantee a long life in the
future. All the employed equipment are in compliance with the latest safety provisions operating with underwater lights and
pumps at lowest voltage. The Colour Illuminated WaterWorks Fountains are never static and dull. Basic control devices make
possible the change of the water and light works of the fountain, in order to adapt the produced shapes to the aesthetic
needs of the moment, without help of specialists.

High-level research for the technical and aesthetic design are carried out by professionals here in Italy able to satisfy every
possible needs and special enquiries as well.

Special Effects

Colour Illuminated WaterGames Fountains
Colour Illuminated WaterFall Fountains
Colour Illuminated LaserGames Water Fountains
Colour Illuminated Strobelight Water Fountains
Colour Illuminated “sound-to-light” WaterWorks Fountains

Product type and category
Artistic Water Fountains
Architectural Water Fountains
Classic Water Fountains



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