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Throughout the world, Made in Italy is the competent reliable partner for innovative lighting solutions in all areas of application of professional interior lighting - providing global competence, superior product quality and future-proof technologies.

Light for Industry and Engineering
Light as a production factor
In production, the greatest demands are placed on the flexibility, functionality and building management system of industrial buildings. The right light in manufacturing and assembly bays as well as warehouses and workshops is the basis for any productive work.

Light for Offices and Communication
Communication and motivation
Spatial structures and lighting systems must be adapted to new types of work. What is required are flexible people, flexible architecture and flexible light which enhances communication and motivation and improves the quality of working and spending time at the office.

Light for Education and Science
Facilitate learning
Using light to enhance communication, improve awareness and create social understanding: dynamic lighting solutions with optimum colour properties enhance people’s concentration and improve visual comfort in educational facilities.

Light for Presentation and Retail
Exciting and stimulating
Modern retail worlds must provide a quality of experience, their design becomes an expression of the brand message. Customised lighting solutions are an essential element of these worlds of experience.

Light for Hotel and Wellness
Enjoying with all one' senses
Those who collect stars for their restaurant or hotel should not only work on their recipes. The guests' pleasure starts with the lighting that stimulates all senses.

Light for Art and Culture
Room impression and artistic delight
Where the highest architectural requirements must be met, ever greater demands are also made on the element without which room impression and artistic delight are inconceivable: light as a modulating, accentuating factor of experience.

Light for Health and Care
Light as a factor in caring
Light increases the patients' sense of wellbeing, creates a living-room ambience, supports the accomplishment of visual tasks in different therapies and examination procedures, makes orientation easier and ensures safety in circulation areas - in hospitals, sanatoriums and retirement homes.

Light for Sport and Leisure
Top performance
For each type of sport, special requirements must be met in terms of lighting. Optimum lighting has to ensure the safety of athletes and the best possible viewing conditions for those performing, the audience and the referees.

Light for Transit Areas and Parking
Feeling safe
Light is ideal to bring a more pleasant touch to utility buildings. Leaving one's car in a safely lit car park not only ensures that the paintwork will not be scratched but also that the driver will have a good feeling.

Light for Orientation and Safety
Emergency lighting and emergency lighting systems
Lighting provides safety and ensures (self-)reliability: escape sign luminaires in a sophisticated design, and emergency lighting systems as an integral concept including the lighting management and service systems.



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